Bonyan Office Park Master Plan

The Bonyan Office Park is located in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt on the main highway leading to Sixth of October City. The development has 24,000 SM of floor area on a 20 hectare site. The development program includes office, retail, café and restaurants, conference facilities, a clinic and a gymnasium. Most of the parking is located below grade as is typical in this climate and offered the possibility to create a more substantial open space system for workers and visitors. The centerpiece of the design is a large undulating shade structure which is covered with photovoltaic cells that generate power for the lighting of public spaces and driveways.

One of the most important design issues to address was thermal comfort – both inside and outside the buildings. This greatly influenced the building orientation and position on the site. Thermal comfort in the public spaces is. achieved through the use of shading devices and the channeling of upper level breezes through the buildings and onto the common areas.

The site is organized into two groupings of buildings. The larger mass of the office buildings is moved to the rear of the site and divides public and private spaces. Services are located behind this mass, with public functions located in front. A cluster of service buildings weaves through the center of the site and creates a pedestrian zone where the majority of the public functions are located. This area is covered with a large shade structure that reduces solar exposure and significantly improves the comfort and therefore the utilization of this outdoor space.


Sixth of October City, Cairo, Egypt




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