St. Felix Street Rearyard Extension

This project is a two-story rear yard extension to a historic row-house in the Brooklyn Academy of Music Historic District. The design required a presentation to the Landmark Presentation Commission because the extension is currently visible from Hanson Plan, pending the construction of a corner house on Hanson Place. The proposal creates a new kitchen on the upper level and a bedroom on the lower level. As well the entire duplex will be reconfigured with upgrades to the bathrooms and all finishes. Atop the extension there is an outdoor terrace for the second floor apartment.

The design is of a modern style, which is in keeping with the sheer diversity of styles of the extensions nearby. There are no changes to the front of the building.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2017.


Brooklyn, New York




Architect of Record

Landmark Application and full Landmark Preservation Commission Presentation

Review of codes and all permit applications

New split unit AC system

Construction Administration