Fort Greene Place Stoop and Railing Restoration

This project involved the renovation of an historic row house in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The work included the architectural reworking of the interior to return the individual spaces closer to their original function, a modernization of the electrical and plumbing and a change in classification from a Boarding House to a Two-Family Residence.

The building exterior, stoop and metal work were rebuilt in a manner to match the adjacent row houses so that the continuity of the streetscape was extended. In as much as possible, every attempt was made to retain the original details and materials where they were intact. Old fresco work and stenciling were retained when it was uncovered, as were original fittings and moldings to create a display of the various eras of the house throughout.


Brooklyn, NY




Landmark Application

Redesign of the stoop and railings to match adjacent houses.

Repointing and new brownstone stucco details