Governors Island Master Plan

GIPEC was created in 2003 to create new, memorable civic spaces enhanced with educational, historical, artistic, cultural and other public-benefit uses that reflect the island's rich history and unique harbor setting.

The work involved general master planning, urban design, landscape architecture, engineering and logistics planning for the 172 acre Governors Island, the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan, and Brooklyn waterfront Piers 6 - 12. The initial Framework Plan addressed urban planning issues such as land use and programming, building reuse, transportation and access strategies, public open space programming and design, pedestrian and vehicular movement, and island-wide logistics, all of which were to be integrated and combined into a cohesive, island-wide master plan.

The work also included the study of design and sustainability guidelines to be applied with the adaptive reuse of the historic buildings on the north island.

This project was completed by Christopher Stienon while the Director of Urban Design at EDAW / AECOM, NYC


New York City, New York


Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation


Disposition strategies for publicly owned properties.

Review and assessment of development proposals.

Historic building assessment and adaptive reuse strategies

Infrastructure and site framework plan.