Jamaica Airport Gateway Study

Urban Matrix was commissioned to help study the implications of recent zoning changes set forth in the Special Downtown Jamaica District and the potential development capacity this would yield. The study begins with the now existing conditions to illustrate what the area might look like should development occur on 'soft' sites and areas that are substantially underbuilt. As well, the study examined the potential to expand the capacity of the special district and strengthen the commercial corridors of Archer and Jamaica Avenues by reopening a Long Island Railroad station previously located about a mile to the east of Jamaica Station next to the CUNY campus. Additionally the study recommended detailed zoning measures to be considered to affect the urban design and the quality of the public realm at key locations in the downtown.


Jamaica, Queens, NY


Regional Plan Association


Zoning study and capacity analysis

Transportation oriented development concepts applied to an entire downtown district.

Recommendations for transportation infrastructure improvements and zoning modifications.