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Gary, Indiana Lakefront District Development Plan

The first part of this work was to create a conceptual master plan for increased development density around the Miller Station in Gary, Indiana. The study was funded by the Sustainable Communities Program through the EPA in response to a proposal to close the Miller train station. The study recommended a rail realignment and closure of a portion of State Route 12 in order to create a more viable transit hub and new opportunities for commercial development at the center of the Lakefront District. The proposal recommended a more intense development on the land owned by the transit company that was being used for a large commuter parking lot. The new development was to include street level retail and a reworking of the area around the station to encourage pedestrian movement. The recommendations also addressed the character of the Route 20 corridor and called for a green infrastructure system along the roadway as well as the placement of new development closer to the roadway as part of a broader strategy to develop a more pedestrian-friendly streetscape. The final step of this work was to create a Form-Based and land-use code for the entire district. The code established new districts along the highway and at the train station. The code was incorporated into the city zoning code and is being adapted to apply to other parts of the city.

The project is currently under construction.

*this project was completed by Christopher Stienon as a Member of Vita Nuova LLC.

Location: Gary, Indiana

Client: City of Gary, Indiana


Transit Oriented Development Plan.

Infrastructure planning and design recommendations.

Land assembly and reparcellation.

Form Based zoning code for the entire redevelopment area.

Staff training and presentation of the new codes.

Neighborhood Revitalization planning.