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St Johns Place Remodel

This single family house was completely remodeled including a lowered basement, new kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. The parlor floor was reorganized moving the kitchen from a cramped and awkward location in the rear extension to become a more dominant feature in the central house. All bathrooms were reconfigured and an additional guest bathroom added to the second floor. The basement was lowered by 12” and completely refinished with a new bedroom, bathroom, service area and lounge. The rear yard was terraced near the house to allow better access to the basement, and a deck was added to the back of the house.

Location: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York City

Client: Anonymous


Design of new kitchen, four baths, and laundry room.

Fully finished basement.

New HVAC, plumbing and venting reconfiguration.

Construction documentation and permitting.

Construction Administration.